Victoria Stevenson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Allied-SCSS

As an Executive in Property Preservation, Government Contracting and Community Housing, Victoria brings 25+ years of depth and experience in Strategic Economic Development & Urban Community Development to assist housing communities make smart decisions that drive sustainability and create value for community and multi-cultural relations through neighborhood revitalization. She is a thought-leader skilled in communications and public involvement, strategic planning, project management, compliance management and economic development in the public and private sectors. Stevenson has adopted the role as a SME in developing housing programs for HOME, CDBG, CHDOs and housing policies to meet federal grant regulations and requirements; providing a wide range of services as a consultant to develop comprehensive strategic plans that implement executable action plans that address solutions for housing barriers and disparity. She has worked in key roles advocating neighborhood revitalization in housing for Emerging Markets and Community Development for various organizations, Wells Fargo, Chase, Asset Management Specialists – Fannie Mae, HUD, and Freddie Mac as clients. Performance results-driven, Ms. Stevenson focuses on shaping communities through economic sustainability that positions city housing authorities and community development to propel revenue growth and augment profitability.

Panelist, Property Management Lab