Women in Housing Leadership Awards Banquet

Wednesday, September 25 | 12:30 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Now in its eighth year, the Women in Housing Leadership Awards Banquet provides conference attendees with the opportunity to hear inspirational women leaders share success stories from both a personal and professional perspective. Incorporating a theme of “Voices,” the Banquet will pay tribute to the critical but often underappreciated role women continue to play in our industry and how important it is that their voices are heard.

The Five Star Institute and mPower are proud to bring you the 2019 Women in Housing Leadership Awards Banquet. This year’s event will feature a Keynote Presentation from Janine Driver, New York Times bestselling author and Owner & President of the Body Language Institute.

Driver has taught executives, salespeople, and other professionals throughout the country how to build their presence, explode their selling skills, and deliver winning presentations by unlocking their body language potential, building trustworthy relationships, making better decisions, and evolving into their most effective self.

Don’t miss Driver’s inspirational Keynote during this year’s Women in Housing Leadership Awards Banquet.


The Women in Housing Leadership Awards Banquet has previously featured keynote speeches from leaders such as:

  • Laura Bush, Former First Lady of the United States of America
  • Condoleezza Rice, Former U.S. Secretary of State
  • Sheila C. Bair, Former FDIC Chair
  • Karen Bellezza, Chief Administrative Officer, Selene Finance
  • Kathy Cummings, SVP, Homeownership Solutions and Affordable Housing Programs, Bank of America
  • Courtney Ehinger, SVP, Performing Servicing, Mr. Cooper
  • Yvette Gilmore, VP, Single-Family Service Performance Management, Freddie Mac
  • Ali Haralson, EVP, Client Management, Auction.com
  • Kimberly Neff, Principal-Financial Services, Ernst & Young
  • Caroline Patane, VP, Customer Compliance and Evaluations, Fannie Mae

The banquet will also feature the presentation of the second annual Keystones Awards, recognizing the outstanding achievements of our industry’s exemplary women business leaders.

The Women in Housing Leadership Awards Banquet this year is a joint presentation of the Five Star Conference and mPower, uniting to honor the industry’s exceptional women. Finalists for the Keystones will be announced in the September issue of MReport magazine, with the final recipients receiving profiles in the October issue.

Award Categories

Rising Business Leader Award

Recognizing professionals early in their career who have demonstrated an outstanding capability to lead and drive progress (less than 10 years’ consecutive industry experience).

Cultural Leader Award

Honoring industry leaders who have successfully fostered forward-thinking company cultures and workplaces through corporate strategies and initiatives that have led to tangible, positive outcomes for colleagues company-wide and beyond (minimum 10 years’ consecutive industry experience).

The Community Leadership Award

Awarding Individuals who displayed tremendous leadership and cooperation in local communities. This includes all commendable community achievements by those in the non-profit, government, small business, and corporate sectors (minimum 10 years’ consecutive industry experience).

The Diversity & Inclusion Award

Celebrating those who have successfully broken barriers and helped lead the charge in developing diverse workplace cultures by fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for people of every color, creed, and gender to prosper and achieve over adversity (minimum 10 years’ consecutive industry experience).

Laurie A. Maggiano Legacy Award

Named in honor of the late industry icon whose distinguished and accomplished career left an indelible impact on housing, this award recognizes those women who through their tireless efforts, collaboration, and ingenuity have powerfully impacted the industry and homeownership nationwide (minimum 20 years’ consecutive industry experience).

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