Compliance Lab

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 | 10AM – 1PM

Regulatory oversight has never been greater. Neither has your capacity to master it.The past year marked a pivotal era of change for politics. As the mortgage landscape becomes more complex, regulatory oversight and compliance is becoming difficult to navigate. Learn how to navigate today’s regulatory environment while streamlining your core business practices.


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VP and Senior Corporate Counsel,
U.S. Bank


Beth M. Northrop-Day is VP and Senior Corporate Counsel at U.S. Bank. In her role, Northrop-Day provides legal support to U.S. Bank’s Mortgage Servicing Default business lines. She works closely with the business lines to develop and implement policies and procedures, to ensure the bank’s early stage default and default-related activities comply with legal and regulatory requirements, reviews loan level issues, and assists in providing legal backup, expertise, and opinions on all matters related to mortgage default. In addition, Northrop-Day supports the bank’s third party risk management program and attorney/vendor oversight teams for not only the mortgage servicing business lines, but also consumer banking default management and collections and recovery business lines in order to manage and maintain controls and oversight of outside counsel/vendors and works closely with both the internal teams and outside counsel to ensure full compliance with U.S. Bank’s high standards and expectations.

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